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MedFlight Radio

Oct 19, 2021

MedFlight Radio continues on the pediatric road for October as we head back to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for a pediatric congenital heart defect podcast.    

We sit down with Doctor Beth Bubolz (Nationwide Children’s Hospital Cardiologist) ,  Doctor Ashley Larrimore (MedFlight Medical Director) and Jason Pierce...

Sep 22, 2021

September is “Aortic Dissection” month.   

MedFlight Radio sits down with Dr. Johnathan Enlow (cardiothoracic surgeon), Dr Bradley Raetzke (ER Physician) and Sara Anderson (Outcomes Manager) and go full circle in our conversation on aortic dissection. 

We start with the basic aortic anatomy 101 and review the...

Aug 26, 2021

August is back to a pediatric topic as MedFlight Radio finds their way back to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio  and talks on infant/pediatric airway.  

Today we sit down with Doctor Jill Fitch (ICU intensivist at Nationwide Children Hospital)  and Jason Pierce (Former Nationwide Children Transport...

Jun 26, 2021

June is OB emergencies month and the focus on those high risk low volume runs.    We sit down with EMS Fellow Dr Janine Curcio and MedFlight/MedCare Medical Director Dr Brad Raetzke with this subject.   We start by talking about all of the physiological changes that go with being pregnant and then get into the most...

May 25, 2021

May is Cardiac Arrest month!  Join Dr. Eric Cortez and Dr. Ashley Larrimore as we talk about where we are with medical cardiac arrest patients.  What works and what are the priorities in these cases?  While often controversial, many EMS agencies are taking different approaches to managing cardiac arrest.

Come and...